Sunday, November 20, 2011

New leaders of Singida Press Club

THE Annual General Meeting of the Singida Press Club (SINGPRESS), has elected Seif Takaza, as a new Chairman for three years term with effect from November 18, this year.
Takaza has taken over from Rev Immanuel Barnaba who did not defend his title but opted for another post. Prior to the elections, Takaza was the Assistant Executive Secretary.
It was not an easy task for Takaza to acquire the prestigious post. A re-run voting had to be conducted after another candidate who was eyeing the same post, Damiano Mkumbo, tied points with him.
Abby Nkungu bounced back to leadership in style after staying on the sidelines watching for three years following his resignation in 2008. He was elected the Club’s Executive Secretary pushing aside miserably the incumbent Doris Meghji.
Awila Silla, the only lady in the SINGPRESS new lineup, was elected treasurer. Jumbe Ismael was elected Vice Chairman, Emmanuel Michael picked the Assistant Secretary and Nathaniel Limu , the clubs assistant treasurer.
Rev Immanuel Barnaba, Elisante John and Joseph Lujuo were elected members of the executive committee.
The AGM also fired from being SINGPRESS member, Hillary Shoo, after he was found guilty of gross misconduct and behaving contrary to journalistic code of ethics.
Opening the meeting, Singida Regional Commissioner Dr Parseko Kone called on all scribes in the region to uphold their professional ethics saying that would enable the community surrounding them hold the profession in high esteem.
He further asked the journals to be impartial and stick to professionalism by giving fair coverage to all and sundry without fear or favor.
The elections were presided over by the Singida Regional Social Welfare Officer, Zuhura Karya and witnessed by Assistant Programme Officer from Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC, Victor Maleko

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